18. Mai 2012

What makes me happy now. And here.

Having the strong desire to attend yoga school.

Drinking polish coffee. Discovered it, when I had only coffee, but no machine. It's not to be confused with Turkish coffee, because this is made with love and sugar. Polish coffee is made with hate and nothing. It's just hot water and coffee. Real coffee, not Instant-Coffee. Nothing else. I've googled it, to see, if it will kill me and found out: Some people call it "Polish Coffee." The first was the best coffee I had in a lifetime. The second was even better.

Being able to cook for myself again.For example Giant potatoes with cheese, which I would call Quark. And the best fucking scrambled egg I had in a lifetime.

Recognizing that half of the museum I work at is gay and nobody will be at the museum tomorrow, because there will be Gay Pride. Still not quite decided, if I will be on the Market Square or let them have their pleasure and enjoying the museum on my own.

Finding Tape, after three days of searching it, including also shopping at night, being drunk, because most shops are open 24h. Nobody knew, what I meant, and when they did, they started to shout at me. Still don't know why. Finally found it at a ridiculous small gift shop in some mysterious side-street. Felt like a junkie, but just wanted to personalize my room a little bit.

Hearing a polish girl say that my German sounds not German, but Polish-German.

Tasting the difference between Polish and German Nutella. Polish is better.

Thinking of all the motivation letters which I have to write for my Master-applications. Should I be like Joey Comeau? That's how my application for Sociology M.A. will look like:

Sociology sounds more like "job" than "literature" does. But only on first sight. So if you want to reject me because of my horrible B.A., please do so. I don't have to take statistic classes in Master, so more fun for me, but "job" sounds more like "drinking" anyway.

Another day passed without being the cat of Miranda July in "The Future" or, even worse, being Miranda July in "The Future".

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